Samsung believes that an entire industry standard on LCD glass sizes would lead to savings on equipment development and product costs, and has called for such standardization. Speaking at the Society for Information Display Symposium, Samsung LCD Business president, Sang Wan Lee, said that there was a deep need for LCD glass manufacturers to standardize large-size TV displays globally to 40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch and 57-inch sizes. The benefits, he claims, would be profound.

"To save on equipment development and product costs, as well as to accelerate the time-to-market for advanced large screen LCD TVs, the entire industry should come together and cooperate toward size standardization," said Lee.

Lee claims that the next generation of LCD glass will overtake current LCD technology, and that LCD TVs will become the most widely used displays in the world, becoming the "centre of tomorrow's digital convergence environment." TV screens will move away from purely being broadcasting reception devices and will provide a range of multimedia contents and services.