Intel has now released its new dual-core processor, the Pentium D, for use in desktop PCs. New features of the dual-core Pentium D and the Intel 945 Express chipset consist of HD video and highly enhanced graphics capabilities for gaming, as well as the ability to route multiple audio, video or gaming streams to different users within a network simultaneously. Also included is dual-core DDR2 running at 667MHz, Intel's SpeedStep technology, Execute Disable Bit security and Intel Extended Memory 64 technology.

The Pentium D is Intel's second dual-core processor and follows the recent introduction of the Pentium Extreme Edition processor. The Pentium D 840, 830 and 820 are cheaper than the Pentium Extreme Edition.

Dell, HP and Lenovo all said they would soon start shipping Pentium D-based machines.

When purchased in volume, Pentium D prices range from $US241 to $US530 with speeds from 2.8 gigahertz to 3.2 GHz. Supporting chipsets range from $US38 to $US42.