We have watched over the course of the past six months as NVIDIA has reaped enormous publicity benefits by resurrecting the SLI multi-GPU graphics capability that it inherited from 3dfx, and we've wondered when ATI would join the fray. The folks at ATI have been talking about their own multi-card graphics capability for what seems like ages, and today, they're finally taking the wraps off of their solution: ATI CrossFire.
A few sites with previews (no benchmarks available yet, unfortunately): TechReport, Anandtech, Hardocp, PCP, Neoseeker.

While in the topic of PC graphics, NVIDIA's new G70 GPU will make its debut today at Computex. HardwareZone has posted pictures of this elusive new product that is 'soon' to hit retail stores (late June?). According to various sources though, the G70 is only being shown behind closed doors, expect performance figures to arise after the show most likely.

Finally, Anandtech has posted some information on NVIDIA's and ATI's upcoming chipsets (C51, C60 and RS482, RS410, respectively), the latter which plans to include more powerful video processing embedded on the chip, while in the other hand, NVIDIA abandoned integrated graphics a long time ago, but might be planning a comeback for its next generation nForce's.