Sony has announced that it has shipped more than 90 million PS2 units since the product went on sale in March of 2000. Seemingly, the PS2 passed the 90-million mark on June 2, and is well on its way to beating the original Playstation, which has sold more than 100 million units to date.

Compared to its predecessor, the PS2 is selling in an accelerated pace. The 90-million mark was reached 27 months quicker. A major contributor to the success was the introduction of the slim-line PS2 in November of last year, Sony said.

Global shipments of PlayStation 2 included 36.5 million units in North America, 32.5 million in Europe and 21.0 million in Asia, according to the company.

Sony has said that, even with the PS3 shipping in 2006, it will be continuing to release software titles for the PS2 - a smart move given these figures.