The world's largest liquid crystal display television set is on its way, thanks to Sharp Corp., who announced the new LC-65GE1 on Friday. The new TV set boasts a staggering 65-inch screen.

"[The LC-65GE1 will enable] users to enjoy beautiful, life-like, high-definition images on an impressively large screen that far surpasses other video systems, regardless of the brightness of the room" Sharp said.

The LC-65GE1 is just what the doctor ordered for watching the forthcoming Blu-Ray format disks or HD DVD, which will display movies in super high-definition. Just imagine playing an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 game on this baby! Wow.

The new Aquos model will be made available at a suggested retail price of 1.68 million yen, comparable with prices of plasma-panel TVs of the same size. Sharp will produce the LC-65GE1 at a monthly rate of 300 units at its factory in Kameyama, Mie Prefecture. Plasma TVs have so far led the market for big-screen TVs.

The LC-65GE1 is designed with full attention to environmental considerations: power consumption is only 619 W, which is less than PDP televisions of the same 65V-inch class, and it uses materials well suited to recycling. Also, the ability to mount the LC-65GE1 on a wall even with its large screen size allows user to fully enjoy the LCD TV experience in a diverse range of living spaces.