Some details have emerged that clever programmers have found a way to run software such as emulators on the PSP. This has been possible on older Japanese PSPs for some time, but is now available on new version 1.5 PSPs. This gives the PSP the ability to play pirated games, something that Sony is of course none too pleased about. In response, Sony has released a new firmware update for the system, 1.51, which stops the hacks from working.

Meanwhile, it seems that hard core adult movies will soon be available on the PSP. Porno flick makers have confirmed that they will soon release sexually explicit discs for the games console.

Two makers of adult movies have already announced plans to sell their products for the PSP as early as July. Several other pornographers are apparently ready to follow suit."It is utterly undesirable, but we cannot stop software makers from selling such videos," a public relations official at Sony Computer said.