NVIDIA has launched the GeForce 7800 GTX, its next generation graphics chip, aimed at gamers. Taking the lead in the benchmarks, GeForce 7800 GTX is NVIDIA's new flagship product, and is apparently available now. Some fast facts:

-The graphics processor has 302 million transistors, runs at a frequency of 430 MHz, and integrates a 256 Mbit memory interface.
-Manufactured on TSMC's 110nm process
-2nd generation Shader Model 3.0
-GTX cards offer dual DVI and HD output.
-Draws around 100-110 Watts of power.
-Power supply requirement for a single GeForce 7800 GTX is 330W
-Suggested price is around $600.

There will be several companies offering boards from launch, including Asus, BFG, PNY, Chaintech, Albatron, MSI, Leadtek, and Gigabyte, with prices around about the suggest price.