Gateway is to offer its first dual-core media center PCs through retail stores. Pentium D-based systems are on their way, costing about $850. Fancy a brand new media system based around this wonderful new chip? One from Gateway could be with you from mid-July, offering state of the art performance.

The dual-core entry level system will be the 835GM media center PC, which comes with a Pentium D 820 (2.8 GHz), the 945G chipset, 1 GByte DDR2-533 memory, a 250 GByte SATA drive and a DVD burner. The system will be priced at $850 and will be available at retailers on July 10.

One step higher is the 840GM that is equipped with a Pentium D 830 (3.0 GHz), a BTX case, Intel's 950GMA graphics chipset, a TV tuner, a 250 GByte SATA drive, a DVD burner. Pricing for this model is set at $1050.