How will the move by Apple to using Intel processors effect the Mac gaming market? And what future is there for gaming on the Mac? It’s no secret that Apple's change of CPU to an Intel solution has made many in the Apple gaming industry more than a little worried. Many are concerned about the possibility of Mac users dual-booting with Windows in order to run Windows games, and what effect that will have on the Mac games market. Others worry about WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator), open source software that allows Linux users to run Windows software without having to reboot their computers making an appearance for Mac OS X, and what affect that would have.

"I think the dual boot/WINE side of things may take 10-20% of the hardcore Mac gaming market out of the picture," Glenda Adams, Aspyr Media's Director of Mac and PC Development, acknowledged in an e-mail interview with The Mac Observer. "But I also think the switch to Intel will allow us to release OS X Intel native games much more quickly, so the lead time between a PC release and an OS X release will be shorter."