California-based Rambus announced yesterday the latest version of its high-bandwidth XDR memory interface technology, named XDR2. According to the company, the XDR2 memory interface uses a micro-threaded DRAM core and circuit enhancements that enable data rates starting at 8GHz, compare that to 1.6 GHz frequencies seen in current top of the line GDDR3 memory used in graphics cards, or Rambus' own XDR memory which tops at around 3.2 GHz.

XDR2 still has a long way though. The original XDR interface that was announced a couple of years ago is just making it into the market now, it's expected to make a stellar debut on the Playstation 3 later this year. Samsung and Elpida have also licensed the product (XDR1) and volume production was expected to begin this year.