Once again virus writers are exploiting events in the news and in the public eye to propagate their malware, this time it is the recent and tragic events of the terror attacks on London that is being used. An email virus, which plays on the public need for information in the wake of the dreadful attacks, is circulating, and it is loaded with a Trojan. The e-mail, which has breakingnews@cnnonline.com in the sender field, contains an attachment named 'London Terror Moovie.avi <124 spaces> Checked By Norton Antivirus.exe'.

This seems to be a growing trend, and an utterly despicable one; after the 9/11 attack against the World Trade Center in New York F-Secure reported the email worm W32/Vote.A@mm and recently the Australian Red Cross is also warning of reports of hoax emails it has received urging recipients to donate to 'London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund'. Recently also, e-mails with infected attachments appeared saying that Michael Jackson had committed suicide. Our advice? Put them straight in the trash.