Motorola has revealed that Vonage Holdings Corp., will begin to offer the Motorola VT2442 voice-over-IP gateway to customers. It is claimed that this will enable users to incorporate a broadband telephone service into their home network in an easy way. The VT2442, which uses Texas Instruments' TNETV1060 VOIP gateway chipset to enhance the quality of service for who use Vonage's service, supports up to two lines of telephone service and offers call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. It also includes a home network router with four Ethernet ports that can be used to connect computers and gaming consoles.

"We've been working with Vonage for over two years, so there are a large number of Motorola voice gateways already being used by Vonage customers," Jeff Walker, senior director of marketing at Motorola, told Ziff Davis Internet News.

"This new agreement is extending our relationship beyond basic internal adapters, now giving Vonage customers a voice gateway that provides extensive networking features and advanced capabilities."