When the Xbox 360 is released, Sony would like nothing better than to spoil Microsoft's day. Now, it can't do this with the release of the PlayStation 3, as this is not due out until 2006, but it can try to cause trouble in other ways. They will be aiming to release some big PS2 titles around the same time as the Xbox 360, and they will be looking to sell the slim line version of their console as well, at knockdown prices of around £60 - £70 this Christmas.

"You can expect significant reductions in the price of everything this Christmas, but most noticeable will be the PlayStation 2," our well-placed source told SPOnG. "We’ve been briefed to expect a price as low as £60 beginning at the start of December. Sony’s probably looking at a global price cut – around $100 in the States and a serious Platinum range announcement too."