The next generation DVD format war shows its ugly head once more, this time the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) has issued a strongly worded statement that supports a single high-definition disc format - and only one format. It is the belief of the VSDA that the concurrent distribution of more than one format is likely unsustainable. They believe that the launch of a single format is preferable to a format war which could confuse the public and lead to reluctance to embrace either format. Therefore, one format must win and win soon.

The Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) believes that consumers, retailers, consumer electronic developers, and content providers would benefit from clarification of the baseline criteria needed for a high definition DVD format to gain acceptance and widespread support among the broadest spectrum of market participants, especially consumers.
Meanwhile, supporters of the HD DVD format claim that the rival technology, Blu-Ray, has employed a copy-protection scheme that could introduce "playability and reliability issues for consumers". They also refuted claims that Blu-Ray Disc is the most secure of the two next-generation formats.

At the same time, Twentieth Century Fox, who are backing the Blu-Ray Disc format, have provided a list of forthcoming titles that will be available on the format, including Die Hard, Alien, Moulin Rouge, The Sound of Music, All About Eve, The Simpsons, 24, X-Files and Lost in Space.