Beyond3D had a very interesting interview with Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of NVidia. Being that it was an interview by enthusiasts with a former-developer-turned-ceo, the information gleaned from him was much more interesting than a typical management interview. The information covered includes product pricing, core revisions of the NVXX line, SLI and more. Huang's candor is quite unique for a CEO:

"...a lot of people say that the GPU business is really, really tough and yeah, so is F1 Racing, so is Indy - you're out there, driving at the wall at 230MPH and people say "Boy, that's really dangerous", but shucks, that's our sport and this is what we love doing."

The interview gets quite heavy, and brings up some of the advancements that NVidia has brought and will deliver soon, such as High Dynamic Range Rendering and 64-Bit DDR Framebuffers. It was interesting to note what Huang mentioned that NVidia really sees the PC as their "model" for their GPU lineup, which is offered in many different products and, presumably, will find its way into many more products - Such as integrated GPUs in next-generation displays. The article is a lengthy read, but has a lot of information and is a good peek into the processes of NVidia.