In the UK, record companies are for the first time taking those who illegally shared music on the internet to court. Five people, who have allegedly made nearly 9,000 songs available for download, are now on the receiving end of a lawsuit from the British Phonographic Industry. Seemingly, these kinds of cases have been normally settled out of court, but in this case the five people in question have refused to discuss any out-of-court deal.

"We have tried to agree fair settlements, but if people refuse to deal with the evidence against them, then the law must take its course. That's why we have had no choice but to take these five individuals to the High Court. We will be seeking an injunction and full damages for the losses they have caused." - Lawyer acting for the British Phonographic Industry.
The argument being made by the British Phonographic Industry is that these kinds of legal proceedings will encourage people to use legal music download services such as iTunes.