has put up a pretty decent review of the X700 IceQ by Hightech Information System LTD. It isn't a top of the line beast like the 6800s or X800s, but it is a powerful midrange card nevertheless. Using GDDR3 like the other Xx00 series and being one of the top cards for AGP, it is a nice fit for a midrange or entry-level gaming system.

The card lacks the 256bit memory addressing that made the 9800 PRO such a razz, but uses faster and more efficient RAM to counteract this. It'll fit in just a notch above a 9800 PRO. As for the price, it's yet to be seen. A nice fit for those not ready to purchase a PCI-Ex motherboard. One of the decent features added by HIS is the specialized cooler designed to move air in a more efficient manner.