How far would you go to get a quiet PC? Water cooling, large slow fans, passive heatsinks, even flash drives replacing hard drives. Would you turn your PC into a radiator? Zalman, a company famous for making quiet heatsinks, has designed a case with absolutely no fans. Two chassis, in fact. The “TNN 300” and “TNN 500” (Totally No Noise) are two new products designed for MicroATX or standard ATX motherboards, and are essentially giant radiators. With heat pipes and heat fins throughout the entire chassis with external aluminum protrusions, it allows you to use either an Athlon64 or Pentium 4 system with no fans whatsoever. Depending on what other hardware you have, most especially your hard drives, this is an easy way to have a virtually (or completely) silent computer. This is quite ideal for multimedia machines in your living room or just when you want to tone one down. Don't expect this to be frigid, however, as passive cooling comes with a price, in the temperatures of various components, most especially video card and processor. The chassis looks nice, and apparently is not too much of a heavyweight – light enough to be considered “portable.” Great stuff.