Spanison LLC, a company formed by AMD and Fujitsu LTD, has teamed up with TSMC, a production company based in Taiwan, to produce a large amount of flash memory based on the patented “MirrorBit” technology. Both AMD and Fujitsu are well-known worldwide for their flash-memory products. Spanison was formed only a few short years ago to help both companies organize and theoretically to assist R&D.

Despite $462 Million in sales the last quarter, AMD has been losing money on Spanison. In the past AMD has had supply issues with certain products, and a large part of the loss was credited several months ago to inability to satisfy demand. With another company giving them a boost, it might turn around. These new chips will be based on a 110nm process, and will go in a variety of products, including wireless devices. As a historical note, AMD, much like Intel, started out by producing memory. Microprocessors were a far cry from what they originally set out to do.