We're all aware of the increasing need for power in our computers. Just a few years ago, a 180W or 200W PSU may have been sufficient for a desktop level machine. Now, a 350W PSU is oft quoted as the “minimum” for any serious rig. Enermax, though, has gone off the deep end with a 1 kilowatt power supply. Supposedly this standard ATX beast is supposed to be able to deliver a combined load of an incredible 1000W. Under full load, it was drawing 1400W. To get an idea of just how much power that is for one little machine, the average window unit air conditioner uses about 800W, and most microwaves, when under full load, use around 1000-1400W. That's a lot of power potential!

Although there is no really foreseeable use for this device at the current moment, if trends continue, no matter how power efficient our computers become they will still continue to suck up power at increasing rates.