An unnamed man who is believed to be the head of data security at the Helsinki branch of financial services company GE Money has been arrested in Finland after he allegedly hacked into an online bank account and stole $244,000 from his company. It is alleged that the 26-year-old man copied the bank's software and passwords onto a company laptop, and then along with two accomplices, he accessed an online bank account using a neighbor's unprotected wireless network in order to try to hide. He is currently one of four men arrested in connection with the theft, which took place in June of this year.

Initially, suspicion fell on the owner of the wireless network until a search of his apartment in the city's Kallio district by local police determined that he was not involved in the robbery. A search through logs revealed a MAC address of a laptop belonging to GE Money. The investigation then shifted to the bank's security officer and he was arrested shortly after police established a link between the laptop and the suspect.
Police have said that they have recovered the stolen funds, and that prosecutors are expected to press charges next week. These mad schemes never seem to pay off.