At the Intel Developers Forum today, Intel has been talking about tons of new hardware they will be releasing. I posted about their newer CPUs earlier, and now here is a bit about their newer chipsets and integrated video. The 945 Express Chipset, designed primarily for mobile computing, is meant to be paired with Intel's “GMA 950” Graphics, the same line as other Intel Extreme Video parts. It will be clocked significantly higher than the previous generation though, from 200mhz to 250mhz. Then again, integrated video was never something to be impressed by. It does come with some other neat features that make it worthwhile, though, especially for a notebook. These include HDCP support, motion compensation and advanced de-interlacing, things very useful for hi-res and fast-motion video playback.

One issue with Centrino branded laptops in the past was the limit front side bus. That's being changed now with a screaming 667mhz FSB (333mhz). Nice stuff for a laptop, and it, too, will have power-saving functions built in. 2006 laptops may end up having total TDP under 35W.