Airspan Networks and U.K. ISP Pipex Communications are beginning trials of WiMax, which will take place in the Midlands region over a six month period. WiMax is a developing technology that supports very high bit rates in uploading and downloading. The technology utilizes a base station up to a distance of 30 miles away. The aim of the tests will be to provide high-speed Internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol. The size of the trial is not exactly known, however it is likely that it will involve a few people in a single town.

In addition to bringing services such as high-speed Internet access and VoIP to rural areas, office parks and educational campuses, there are other early-adopter opportunities, experts say.

In recent months, a number of carriers in the U.S. and abroad, including AT&T and Sprint have begun trials to see how the technology might fit into its systems and offerings.