Azul Systems, a relatively new company that designs custom servers focusing on many-cores, has weighed their servers against giant Dell and found Dell to be way too hot, as well as way too power greedy. According to the press release, Azul's 1,248-core behemoth with 800GB of RAM apparently used less energy than a Dell setup using less than a fifteenth of the same number of cores, 37.7 times less power per CPU.

“Azul offers better economics than Dell which is seen in the marketplace as the pinnacle of economic efficiency," said Shahin Khan, chief marketing officer at Azul.
This does make a very interesting statement, and it seems almost too extreme. Azul fabricates their own processors and designs their own servers though, unlike Dell who rely on Intel processors. There is also no data shown that demonstrates performance. What good are 1,000 cores if 50 of another CPU will do you better? Very interesting, and much remains to be told.