It’s plain to see that Google, Yahoo! And MSN are all trying to find that one special facility that folks just can’t live without. Much in the same way that we can’t live without mobiles now, these companies want to find some new way to use the Net that we simply can’t do without, and then make us all use their version. Thusly, we see an explosion of bigger e-mail inboxes offered for free, better instant messaging programs, searchable maps with satellite pictures and now Google (who is trying to get into further into internet services that compete with Yahoo!, Microsoft's MSN and AOL's AIM and ICQ) has made the move into voice messaging. The company has announced its own voice messaging service which has been dubbed Google Talk. The service utilises the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and can also be used for instant messaging (IM). Want to use it? Well, it should come as no surprise that you need to sign up for one of Google's free Gmail web-mail accounts in order to do so. By all accounts, the service has superb voice quality and works very well.