More updates from the ATI chipset front, ATI will be providing a total of five chipsets over the next year for the AMD M2 Socket. M2 is the 940-pin successor to socket 939 and has caused AMD to take a bit of heat recently for the increase in sockets used. The RD580 and RD580C will comprise the high-end line of ATI's chipsets, supporting Crossfire (no word on if they will support SLI, but it is doubtful), and the RS485 will exist for system integrators and entry-level boards. The RS690, a name which may cause some to think it is faster than the RD580/RD580C, is actually a step up from the RS485, having faster integrated video. nVidia's nForce4 has had a lot of success, and it will be interesting to see if ATI can keep up. ATI has already released chipsets for Intel platforms and has seen some enthusiast producers such as Sapphire already pick them up.