As the Opteron continues to woo players into the market, we see many more offerings in a variety of places as it finds a name as more than “Not a Xeon”. Fujitsu Siemens has released the 'Celsius V830', running dual-core Opterons with various configurations. Targeted at high-end workstations such as CAD machines and Graphics Workstations, the Celsius joins other Opteron workstations becoming more and more common from HP and Sun. The workstation offers a stock nForce Professional 2200 and 2050 IGFX, with available dual PCI-Ex 16 slots for SLI performance. These will be available in Asia and Europe, eventually moving west.

Fujitsu did not release the information of this release, AMD did, which makes one wonder if Fujitsu had cold feet or just was slow to the punch. In any case, these products aren't aimed at enthusiasts but it is good to see more market spread nevertheless.