Over the past few years we've seen the awesome things made possible by technologies such as OLED, including rollup keyboards that are immune to water damage and could fit in a container the size of a pen. Phillips is applying a similar technology with display devices, ideal for uses such as map displays in modern cars or handheld devices. A rollout screen for greater visibility. Currently, they have displayed the Readius handheld that has a 5 inch “QVGA” display, with a 320x240 size. In compact form, it measures a minuscule 100x60x20 millimeters. It apparently is a low power device and yet can still produce enough visible light to be used during the day.

Future applications? Limitless, really, and I'd expect many other manufacturers to come out with similar devices in the next few years, as compact, power-friendly and portable are more and more in demand.