nVidia's chipset successor to their nForce 2 IGP line will be released a day after ATI's new Crossfire chipset, on September 27th. Nvidia has stated that the first release of the TForce 6100 will be aimed at system integrators and midrange computer users, being coupled with integrated video. There will be other revisions of the chipset, such as the 6150 which will include additional expansion slots and have a few more performance features. Although this new chipset's onboard video won't be a performance beast, that isn't the goal. You can expect performance in-line with Radeon Xpress 200. Both these chipsets can be coupled with two south bridges, the nVidia 410 and 420, both offering SATA RAID, the 420 offering onboard RAID-5, which is interesting. Motherboards using these chipsets will probably be in the market within a month.