nVidia Corp is going to be releasing a very powerful mobile GPU, destined for laptops around the world. Based on the performance of previous GeForce Go chips, this 7800 GTX-based model will likely give screaming performance (relatively). The low-power unit operates at a fluctuating 400Mhz, with 1100MHz GDDR3 memory. This new card is also going to be easy to implement into existing product lines, as it has the same TDP as the 6800 Ultra Go and is pin-compatible. This makes it easy for laptop manufacturers to include it. The GPU will dissipate up to 65W, making it the most power-hungry device in the machine, and will likely not last long on batteries at full speed. However, with 'PowerMizer 6.0' along with dynamic clock frequency alteration, it should have the same life on batteries as a 6800 Go when not in 3D mode. Another great step in bringing laptops closer to desktop performance.