Lenovo, who bought IBM’s PC division earlier in the year, have released their first new product line – a new range of Thinkpads that offer larger screens and greater durability. The new ThinkPad Z-Series are the first widescreen multimedia ThinkPad notebooks. Several models are available, such as the Z60t, which weighs just 4lbs and measures just over an inch thick when closed, but still offers a battery life of up to 5.5 hours. Then there is the Z60m, aimed at the desktop replacement market, which offers a wide 15.4" screen and offers a range of multimedia options. It has a 1.4" depth when closed and weighs 6.6lbs. High grade models in the Z-Series offer WiFi wireless support, Bluetooth technology, Gigabit Ethernet, dial-up modem, 3 USB ports, IEEE 1394 and a secure digital card reader.