Some four months after first announcing its CrossFire technology, ATI is finally ready to bring multi-GPU Radeon rendering to the masses. Enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting CrossFire arrival, in part because the particulars of the Radeon X800 series have forced ATI to take a somewhat novel approach to GPU teaming, employing "master" cards and an external composting engine to weave the output of two graphics cards together for a single display. We've also been eager to see how CrossFire will stack up against NVIDIA's SLI technology, which the green team has diligently refined for nearly a year.

CrossFire is more than just a GPU teaming technology, though. ATI has also developed CrossFire Edition chipsets and motherboards to go along with its new graphics cards. Join our friends at TR as they explore the performance, features, and limitations of ATI's CrossFire solution.