Those behind the Blu-ray Disc (BD) movement have slammed Microsoft and Intel for saying that HD DVD is the superior next-generation optical disc format for PCs, claiming that such statements are "not aligned" with the "vast majority" of computer industry participants.

"Microsoft and Intel's announcement erroneously indicates that HD-DVD has an advantage in a number of areas," they claimed, pointing to the chip and software giants' statement that HD DVD offers a greater storage capacity than BD.
Dell and HP have challenged the notion put forward that HD DVD is the only format to allow users to make controlled copies of the content stored on the disc, claiming that Blu-ray Disc supports the AACS copy-protection system too.

BD also provides scope for hybrid discs, backward compatibility with DVD, the ability to operate in slimline drives for notebook PCs and a high degree of interactivity, all features MS and Intel claimed were only available with HD DVD, the PC vendors said.