Advancements in flash and all non-volatile solid state storage have led to its increased adoption around the world, especially in embedded and small environments. It's predicted that following improvements to the technology, most importantly transfer speeds, power drain and storage capacity, that within two years we may see nearly all mini hard drives replaced by... mini flash drives. A few weeks ago we heard about Samsung unveiling 16GB flash chips and that they would be offering 32GB storage devices quite soon, within the next and a half. More and more devices feature flash over the aging rotating discs, such as the Apple iPod Nano and pretty much every "budget" mp3 player on the market. Routers, PIXs, and many other devices already use flash... and now Gigabyte is offering temporary storage that uses RAM coupled with battery backup to provide blistering-fast space. The ideal computer will have no moving parts - And within a year we might be there.