Some exciting news here from Nintendo - the company plans to launch a service that will link Nintendo DS games wirelessly all over the world. Dubbed the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the service will go online starting November 14th in the US.

The service will be free to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. DS owners, requiring no additional charge to play supported games over the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. Households with Wi-Fi networks can access the service with only a minimal of setup procedures. For households with standard broadband internet access and no wireless router, Nintendo will sell separately the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector that will enable the Nintendo DS systems to connect to the internet.
Nintendo will set up thousands of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection hotspots all over the US, and will reveal the details on where and how players can link up via these hotspots. The service will also be compatible with the Revolution console which launches next year sometime.