I found this over at Tgdaily.com:

Multiple reports state Apple has announced two classes of video iPods this morning: a 30 Gb model which sells for $299, and a 60 Gb model which sells for $399. Both models come with a 2.5" color screen. Reuters is also reporting that Apple has announced a new iMac model featuring a remote control, for use as an entertainment hub. Stay in touch with TG Daily for new details as they become available.

San Jose (CA) - Most analysts and observers, with the notable exception of insider news site ThinkSecret, are anticipating Apple to announce later this morning the introduction of the long-expected video iPod. If Apple indeed pulls this off, JupiterResearch vice president and research director Michael Gartenberg tells TG Daily, the company must have already cleared several milestones, and may face more in the future.