Often when it comes to secured communications and confidential information, PC users in general (myself included) take it a bit for granted. I assume when I go to a secured site and put in my password that there is a reasonable level of protection there. I assume when I connect to a remote SSH server that the encryption is up to snuff. The most widely used Internet communication today though is still e-mail, which by default is unencrypted and unprotected. Taceo wants to change that. Now while encryptable email exists, both hardware and software, it is few and far in between, when often e-mails are used to transmit things such as passwords, social security numbers, bank accounts, and more. Essential Security Software is releasing Taceo as a rights-management and e-mail encryption software suite. It even goes so far as to lock the clipboard and lock the ability to take screenshots in Windows.

This may not be for everybody and is clearly aimed at businesses, but the price seems to be fairly low: $35 a year, and the client to view encrypted e-mails is free. Normally this would not be that interesting, but within the next two years they have stated that they plan to support Mac OS X, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Yahoo mail and more. Insecure Internet is bad Internet, and this might be something that takes off.