A new review of the up and coming Internet Explorer 7 is available at infoweek. Currently available by default for those participating in the beta of Windows Vista, IE7 beta can be downloaded from Microsoft.com. It goes over mostly initial impressions and basic functionality, and shows some of the new features. The majority of us are already used to tabbed browsing, so nothing new there, but there are some new things such as tab groups that look interesting. The aesthetics seem nice enough, but the article shows that IE7 is still truly in Beta. One feature I found particularly interesting was the "phishing filter", which looks for and prompts when it discovers websites that are potentially unsafe. It seems to go a bit beyond the Netcraft toolbar, which is already a powerful and useful tool that has similar aims. It has some obvious flaws detailed in the article, such as the "whitelist" being automatic; send MS an email and the site was unbranded. How they classify them currently isn't known, but since likely once Vista rolls out a majority of Windows users will be using IE7, it's hoped that with some of these new tools it will be a much safer browser than IE6.