After being incredibly tight lipped for so long, SCO has finally brought out a list of things they claim IBM has done to infringe copyright or otherwise harm SCO in the ongoing UNIX/Linux legal battles. Well, they are still being pretty tight lipped. Only those particular to the companies and law will be able to see the documents, but there are allegedly 217 separate areas in which SCO has been violated.

"Some of these wrongful disclosures include areas such as an entire file management system; others are communications by IBM personnel working on Linux that resulted in enhancing Linux functionality by disclosing a method or concept from Unix technology," SCO said.
SCO received a lot of bad press for "baseless" accusations in the past, and this has been a long time in coming. A lot of businesses using various versions of UNIX/AIX/et cetera have had this looming over their heads for a while and it would be nice to see it come to a close, whatever side pans out.