Despite statements to the contrary from ATI, there are still concerns about ATI's ability to deliver, with a possible GPU shortage. Demand has gone up with the release of the X1800 for all ATI cards, and according to digitimes, ATI manufacturers are not able to keep supply up enough to fill that demand.

"Due to an IC substrate shortage, supplies of ATI's Radeon 9250, X300, and X550 are short of demand at present, according to sources at graphics card makers. Although the chip vendor launched its 90nm process R5xx series only in the latter half of this year, the Radeon X1800, X1600, and X1300 are also limited in supply, the sources added."
ATI has had supply issues in the past from time to time, more recently with the almost-impossible-to-find X700 card. When card purchases pick up this month and next, it's bad news for low supply, although ATI has stated in the past that their supply issues have been amended.