Today we heard about the release of the 6800 GS to the market. Most people have it ingrained in their minds that when a product is "released" versus when it's actually feasibly available are two very different things. Not this time. Keeping in line with the "no more paper releases" ideal that nVidia said they would keep, vendors including Newegg have the today-announced 6800GS immediately available for purchase. Obviously, the cards have been held, but it is great to see that nVidia is committing to what they promised. Being able to order a card at a reasonable price the very same day it has been announced is great, and is probably a better way to sell a product - hype something that can be bought, rather than hyping something you "hope" will be around soon. As we've seen from the benchmarks available at various sites today, the 6800 GS is performing remarkably well for a $249 card and is coming quite close to the 6800 GT, a good middle-ground match.