The next revision of ATI's GPU cores won't be using the existing standard 90nm processor nor the lofty goal of 65nm, but the in-between step we heard about a few months ago. Not common, but there, they RV535 will be using an 80nm process, whether due to supply issues with 65nm designs or flaws preventing the step forward. To date, ATI and nVidia are not capable of producing a 65nm GPU reliably, because they rely on 3rd-party plants to produce their ICs. What does this mean? Unfortunately, the power draw with newer cards won't drop much, but clock speeds are expected to rise. Loud and noisy are still in, and likely will be for next gen cards, especially with multicore becoming popular. However, many retailers are focusing on quieting and cooling the cards down, with even some cards coming underclocked and passively cooled by default.