Trailing the earlier success AMD had in the desktop market, AMD has managed to surpass Intel in desktop sales for October, accounting for 49.8% of desktop sales, 1.3% over Intel. A small margin, but big news for AMD who currently only have a 17% worldwide market share in desktops. Intel still pulled in more money than them from this segment.

"Although AMD's overall share of the U.S. retail store market surpassed Intel based on units sold, it failed to generate more revenue than the industry giant. Intel chips, which have a higher average selling price, accounted for 57.6 percent of the U.S. retail market in October based on revenue, while AMD lagged at 40.1 percent."
Considering the high(er) costs of the Athlon64 class CPUs, it's hoped, to a point, that that trend continues, as midrange processors are already pricier than a few years back.