AGP cards are becoming a rarity as PCI-Ex takes over, with both the number of boards being produced with AGP declining and the newer cards often being only available in PCI-Ex. Not everyone is ready to switch just yet, though, and there are many people out there with brand new CPUs and modern day RAM, but may felt left behind in the video card department. X1800 for AGP may be an answer for some, with Diamond Multimedia selling the card, supposedly, starting this month. ATI does not directly offer this card for AGP, with the X800 and X850 being the last from them. Though Diamond doesn't state what version of X1800 this is, and it's a possibility that it is a misprint, if it pans out it is good news for those with top-level CPUs and RAM with older motherboards. There are a selective few boards based on newer chipsets like nForce4 that offer AGP, so this card may be one of the last steps AGP users can take before AGP is finally reduced to "Legacy" status.