Could a hotel room be smart enough to know what you want the moment you step in the door? Apparently so. At some fancier hotels around the world now, computers are being used to track customer profiles, which will begin adjusting the room to the person before they even get to their door. Room temperature, phone numbers, personal music, alarms, et cetera. It goes beyond the customer too, with sensors to detect with room stock is getting low. Environmental control is something most of us take for granted, with automated indoor A/C and heating, but this is taking it to a new level. And this technology is apparently useful for between competing branches as well.

"The backbones of these smart rooms are the data networks that hotels are installing to carry phone calls, video and Internet connections. The networks, for example, make it possible to offer Internet television services that store programs on servers and let guests watch shows on demand (a guest from Chicago could watch a Cubs game in London or Tokyo)."
Technology moves on, and it's speculated (and ultimately probable) that this will start making it's move into homes as well. Wouldn't it be nice if your house could turn off the heat and light when you are gone, but remember to turn it back on as you get home? Or to begin warming up your dinner moments before you pull in the driveway. Oh, computers.