A lot of interest is being built up in Xbox 360 with it's impending release only six days away. Anandtech has cracked one open and is sharing experiences and images of the occasion. Sporting a hard drive, wireless controller, headset and DVD remote amongst the typical supplies, this has been taken beyond the PC in a new box we saw with Xbox. It has an external power supply, bulky but apparently necessary, unlike its predecessor. The disassembly job wasn't entire easy for them, either.

"Microsoft has clearly announced to the public that it has designed the Xbox 360 from the ground up to thwart those who want to crack open the case – even simply for a look inside. They have stated that the unit will be screwless (partially true) and be extremely difficult to disassemble – unfortunately only partially true."
They photograph each step, and it's interesting to take a peek inside. Of course, for being a $399 machine, it still does seem to me a PC, cramped into an even smaller space, though how far the level of integration we saw the Xbox go will compare to the 360 remains yet to be seen. There is still some room in the chassis, so we'll probably see a lot of modding come out of this. If you are interesting in hacking stuff up take a look.