Reviewing products can be a privilege. Car reviewers get to drive new Ferrari's even before they are displayed in the showroom. Movie reviewers encounter films like the final Star Wars saga before us maniacs can fulfill our destiny. Vacation reviewers travel the world, as part of their occupation, and sip on exotic drinks while their feet become trenched in warm, Caribbean waters.

So, you ask, what's so great about reviewing computer products? Luckily we also manage to get our hands on unreleased parts many times. But when it comes to whole systems, how about Alienware? Yes, I said Alienware. I was blessed with one of the most powerful gaming computers in the world. The Lamborghini of computers. A computer that was built with only one thing in mind... Doom 3. I guess you could fill that void with your personal favorite, visually stunning, performance-starving game, as this machine can drive it all. There is not a game on the shelves that can challenge such a work horse. Gone are the days of looking at minimum requirements. Gone are the days of turning off high quality graphical features. Gone are the days of turning your graphics card up by one more MHz to try and cram out that extra FPS in 3Dmark, so you can post your results online with some dignity. Gone are the days of connecting duct work from your window AC unit to thrust cold air onto your overclocked processor that is stable for about 20 minutes. Those days are gone!

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