Gartner has now clarified its advice on Windows Vista - the next generation Microsoft OS - claiming that organisations still running Windows 2000 should consider upgrading as soon as Vista is released. This is a little in contrast to earlier advice from them, which stated that "companies shouldn't rush to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista".

A second research note has now been issued about Vista, because --- Gartner claimed --- its recommendations had "been misinterpreted in some instances". While it does not appear to change the analysts' original advice, Gartner is warning that anyone who want to deploy Vista in 2008 needs to do plenty of preparation work.

"Deployments don't just happen overnight. It will take many organisations about 18 months from the time Windows Vista ships to test applications, get independent software vendors to support applications, build images and run pilots. Organisations that ignore Vista until 2008 will not be ready to deploy it until 2010," explained Gartner vice-president of research Mike Silver.