Adding on to their branded machine lineup, Intel will be offering "Averill" in addition to Centrino and Viiv, starting sometime next year. Announced at the IDF, Averill will be centered around the 965, 946 and 963 chipsets, "Broadwater" revision, will include Intel Gigabit Ethernet and sport 65nm Pentium D (dual-core) and Pentium 4 6xx series processors. The platform will require Intel's Active Management Technology and LaGrande, both targeted at office environments for ease of maintenance, control and security. Intel now has platforms centered around three key areas of the market. Centrino for mobile, Viiv for media and now Averill for office environments.

Intel clearly is looking to segment their product lines and make a clear distinction as to what hardware is designed for what, a benefit to purchasers of large quantities who want to be sure a system will be adequate for the environment it is destined for.. Additional details about Averill and the upcoming 965 will be likely released at the next IDF in spring of 2006.