Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs don't get they attention they deserve, especially when a huge portion of the PC market is embedded and media machines, which SFF is perfect suited for. Over at hothardware is good coverage of the fairly new Biostar iDEQ 350G SFF PC, which is a more or less complete solution for SFF with pretty decent performance. The chassis is less than 20 centimeters deep, and the system sports an LGA775 socket for modern P4s/Celerons. It has only a 300W PSU, which is common in small chassis, but is more than enough for this type of system.

As far as integration goes, it has pretty much all the basics including video, audio, LAN, and optical out. It lacks RCA/TV Out, and some other things that make these types of machines ideal for media machines which is disappointing, but overall looks fairly solid. It may be better suited to a small PC. If you are interested in SFF, take a look. It isn't cream of the crop, but the variety in SFF is much less than a desktop system.